Tips for Tornado Victims in Texas

For Immediate Release: April 4, 2012
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Critical Post-Disaster Tips for Tornado Victims

Dallas, TX— Merlin Law Group founder Chip Merlin, dubbed the “Master of Disaster” by the Tampa Bay Times for his post-disaster insurance work, today released a top ten list of critical insurance tips for victims of tornados beginning the recovery process.


  1. Secure family, important documents and possessions, then contact family members outside of the disaster area to let them know your current situation.
  2. Document personal and surrounding losses by taking photos, not video.
  3. Protect against further damage. Insurance companies, unfortunately, are able to deny loss claims if future damages are deemed preventable.
  4. Seek alternative housing for occupants if your home is unsafe.
  5. Continue monitoring media, fire and emergency officials.
  6. Report losses to your insurance company, documenting every conversation in writing, including the time, date, and topics discussed.
  7. Guard against fraud by asking for license numbers, checking with the Better Business Bureau, confirming references, and seeking second opinions. 
  8. Contact your mortgage company. Unless you are told otherwise, you will still be required to make mortgage payments, even if your home is destroyed.
  9. Stay calm, ask questions, and make only informed decisions.
  10. Don’t be too proud to utilize emergency, civic, or community support.

“These tornadoes literally ripped homes apart, and now, after such an emotional toll, we must begin the process of putting entire lives back together, piece by piece,” said Merlin. “Part of that process is making sure that insured victims are fairly compensated. These tips will make it nearly impossible for anyone to deny legitimate losses from the tornadoes.”
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